Take a look at some home learning experiments to practise your observational and investigative skills for learners on the Yellow pathway.


Make a parachute - can you explain what is happening?

Floating and sinking - make a prediction - what do you think will happen to the orange?  Can you suggest why?

Balloon Pop - using a pin the balloon won't pop...try the investigation to observe what happens.

Blossoming Beans - use your observational skills to watch what happens when a bean germinates.  Can you label all of the parts and explain what they are for?

Track the life cycle of a caterpillar to a butterfly.  What changes do you recognise?

Caterpillars 1

Caterpillars 2

Caterpillars 3

Caterpillars 4

Caterpillars 5

Use the following sheet to record your findings when you are completing an investigation:

Science Investigation Template

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