EYFS Overview

Early Years education is considered to be the essential foundation upon which all pupils build the rest of their lives and is an education that encompasses all learning and development.

Early Years education is concerned with the physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and intellectual development of the individual child, with no one area standing in isolation from the others. We use the Early Years Foundation Curriculum as the basis for the curriculum in the Orange Phase.  It encompasses the transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum through to Key Stage 1 and early Key Stage 2 for students that is appropriate. Students will then progress on the most appropriate pathway in order to suit their needs when developmentally appropriate.  Staff are adept to the needs of the children and tailor the learning according to their needs and individual interests.  We value contributions of learning from home and encourage parents to contribute any WOW moments or learning outside of school via our Evidence for Learning app.  Learning is a partnership between home and school which we promote throughout all phases and pathways.

Students progress and next steps in learning is informed by using the Equals EYFS framework as this is most developmentally appropriate.  This is in collaboration with students individual EHCP outcomes. 

Children learn skills and knowledge through topic based learning that ranges from animals to the weather.  Some of our most recent topics include ‘Witches and Wizards’ and ‘Pirates’. The children's learning is enriched by trips and visits, walks in the local community, visitors to the school and additional experiences and therapies.  There is a mixture of sensory learning, practical and meaningful activities all tailored to each individuals needs.  We work closely with Speech and Language Therapists, OT's and Physiotherapists and have access to Music Therapy if required.  Students also have access to Rebound Therapy, Hydrotherapy and Riding for the Disabled on a referral basis.

In order to teach reading we use the Read Write Inc program.  This is supported by the use of multi sensory approaches to teaching synthetic phonics.  Some students require a blended approach to learning as we recognise that all students learn in different ways.  Children are also encouraged to take books home to share.

Each of the children’s individual learning targets and next steps are taken into account through stimulating, fun activities.  Combinations of different teaching styles are used to suit all pupils with learning taking place both indoors and outdoors.  Each class has access to TEACCH provision in order to meet the needs of all pupils in the class.  

Please view the overview of the Orange EYFS phase and more information in the flip book:

Early Years Curriculum Orange Phase Long Term Plan