Here at Highfield Littleport at present we have seven classes.  Pupils are grouped broadly according to age, need and appropriateness of peer group.  We have two early years classes, one key stage two class and a key stage three class age class.  Each class follows a learning pathway.  More information about this can be found in the curriculum section of our website.

Our numbers are growing rapidly and we anticipate an eighth class coming soon!

We believe in the right for democracy and freedom of choice at Highfield Littleport this is why we have been given the choice of what we would like to name our classes.  During our initial meetings students liked the theme of birds for our class names so this overarching theme was selected.


The classes we have currently are:

Wrens - EYFS Orange Pathway

Robins - EYFS Orange Pathway

Owls - Green Pathway

Sparrows - Yellow Pathway

Eagles - Yellow Pathway

Swallows - Yellow Pathway

Herons (A&B) - Yellow Pathway

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