Highfield Littleport recognises how important it is to protect your sensitive data. We work in accordance with the Active Learning Trust Data Protection Policy which can be viewed by clicking this link.

Active Learning Trust Data Protection Policy

Data Protection, Our Website & Information Governance

We have a firm commitment to protecting your rights to privacy and outline below how we collect and use information about you.

We will not obtain your personal data when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information to us.  You may decide to send us personally identifying information, for example in an electronic mail message, by purchasing tickets and paying for school outings online or filling out a web form that asks for this information.    We use this information email primarily to respond to your requests; however we may also use your email to contact you in the future about our programmes that may be of interest.

If you use our site to request admissions information then we will normally store your contact details on a database.  This is to allow us to send you other related information in the future.  We do not sell, trade or offer this information to others.

We automatically collect some data about our users’ browser actions and patterns.  This is aggregate data that does not identify any individual, but instead aids in improving our understanding of our users and their preferences.  It also helps us develop our website and audit its use.

This website uses cookies, a small piece of information stored on your computer in the form of a file, to allow you to access restricted areas and to monitor usage by tracking which URLs are accessed and the sequence in which they are accessed.  We use Google Analytics to analyse use of the website.  The information collected will not include any information from which you will be identifiable.  You can set up your browser to reject cookies, although some functionality of the website may be impaired.

By accessing the Highfield Littleport Academy website, you consent to us collecting the aforementioned data.

Except as might be required by law, we do not share any personal data we receive with any outside parties.

HLA Privacy Notices

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Subject Access Request

How do I make a Subject Access Request?

Complete the SAR form and hand or email it to the School Office (office@highfieldlittleport.org) “Subject Access Request.”  We will accept requests in other formats however this is our preferred method.

We may ask you to provide two forms of identification to check we are providing personal information to the correct person. This however isn’t always necessary and you could simply ask a staff member to verify your identity. If we are uncertain about the identity of the person making the SAR then we are entitled to request additional information to confirm your identity.

Requests for large amounts of personal data

We may ask you to specify the information the request relates to, if we process a large quantity of information about an individual, so that the information supplied, is relevant.


Will I be charged for the information?

No. However if we receive many requests for the same personal data from the same individual we can charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative cost of providing the information. We would notify you of such charge prior to obtaining the personal data.

What will I be advised?

We will write to you and confirm whether we hold any of your personal data and provide such copies.

We will also advise you of your rights for the personal data held which are recorded within a Privacy Notice.

How long will it take?

We will contact you within a month. We can extend this period by a further two months where requests are complex (e.g those that require a high volume of material or require additional steps to process such as the need to search for records in multiple locations).  If this is the case, we will inform you within one month of the receipt of the request and explain why the extension is necessary.

What action can the school take?

If the personal data includes information about someone else, we will redact that information before supplying the personal data to you or we may decline to provide it, if disclosing it would ‘adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others.’  Where a request is made by email, the information will also be provided via email unless otherwise requested.

Subject Access Request Guidance

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Subject Access Request Guidance