We have developed our curriculum with the needs of our pupils in mind. At Highfield School we have a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment with high quality teaching and equipment.

The school works collaboratively with the co-located secondary school at a broad and balanced curriculum for our learners.  We have developed a progressive curriculum which is integrated so that students can be entered for the most appropriate assessment method appropriate to their needs.

We strive to improve our methods and practice to provide the best we can for our pupils. Each pupil follows their own learning pathway which is tailored to their needs and abilities.  Each pathway has a colour but on occasions pupils may take a combination of two pathways if it is appropriate for the stage of development they are at Each pathway encompasses the core elements of learning in English, Maths, Science and the foundation subjects all differentiated to a level that is relevant and meaningful to our students.

You can find out more information about our curriculum by browsing the following pages or contacting a member of staff at school.

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