We have developed our curriculum with the needs of our pupils in mind. At Highfield School we have a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment with high quality teaching and equipment.  This is all intertwined with The Active Learning Trusts Curriculum Statement and ethos.


Active Learning Trust & Highfield Littleport Curriculum Statement


The curriculum offered in all our schools is aimed at developing well-rounded and successful lifelong learners tailored to the diversity of need in our local and national communities.

Our curriculum reflects the values of the Active Learning Trust in that it is child-centred, inclusive and has due regard for the well-being of all our learners.

Our expectations are high - providing challenge as well as support for all our learners, engaging and motivating all to be aspirational and achieve their very best.

The curriculum is a blend of knowledge, with identifiable key concepts, attributes and skills taught through each subject to support each learner’s personal, social and academic development.

All our schools will maintain an active and positive relationship with parents and carers so that they can be informed about the curriculum and therefore contribute to their children’s learning as they progress through school.

The curriculum for learning professionals in schools will be actively maintained and supported through the Active Learning Trust’s programme of professional development.


To stimulate professional dialogue within and between staff teams and schools

To create a safe and secure learning culture in our schools characterised by high challenge and low threat where we demonstrate that we personally care but challenge directly

To support our learners to flourish, create, innovate and achieve through high quality learning experiences accessible to all

To support learners’ physical development and responsibility for their own health, and enable them to be active

To reflect the latest educational thinking so that each learner is equipped with the subject-specific knowledge and skills to achieve progression and experience continuity in learning

To prepare our learners for the next stage in their educational journey having achieved the best possible personal, social and academic outcomes, regardless of their starting point

Key concepts, attributes and skills

ALT schools will embed subject-specific concepts, attributes and skills and alongside this our learners:

* will have an understanding of local, national and global perspectives, with a strong sense of self-identity and social responsibility with high aspirations

* will develop a genuine love and enjoyment of learning characterised by positive behaviours including resilience, perseverance and resourcefulness and with the confidence to learn.

We will support and challenge our learners to take risks in their learning to achieve their very best, building on prior learning and take responsibility in actively participating in school and community life through developing transferable skills that can be tried and tested and applied in a range of practical contexts.

The Active Learning Trust seeks to promote a tolerant and informed view of the world and holds no political, cultural or religious affiliations.


At Highfield Littleport...

The school works collaboratively with the co-located secondary school to deliver a stimulating and relevant curriculum for our learners.  We have developed a progressive curriculum which is integrated so that students can be entered for the most appropriate assessment method appropriate to their needs.  We aim to prepare students for their next step into education, work, independent or supported living.

Intent & Implementation

We strive to improve our methods and practice to provide the best we can for our pupils. Each pupil follows their own learning pathway which is tailored to their needs and abilities.  Each pathway has a colour but on occasions pupils may take a combination of two pathways if it is appropriate for the stage of development they are at.  Each pathway encompasses the core elements of learning in English, Maths, Science and the foundation subjects all differentiated to a level that is relevant and meaningful to our students.

Within our curriculum intent we firmly believe that the development of the student is at the centre.

Content should be determined by the needs of the child rather than cultural values in respect to academic subjects and so it needs to be pupil centred and not subject centred. (Powell and Jordan 1997:25).

Orange Phase: Students within the Early Years Foundation Stage and early Key Stage 1 begin with the Orange phase.  This is centred around early learning as Early Years education is considered to be the essential foundation upon which all pupils build the rest of their lives and is an education that encompasses all learning and development.

Through careful assessment of needs, peer groups, baseline assessments and interests students then follow a learning pathway.

Blue Pathway: For students who have profound and multiple, physical, sensory and communication needs.

Green Pathway:  For students who require additional support with communication, coordination, self-help skills, and cognition.

Yellow Pathway: For students who usually have moderate learning difficulties, or they may be working age-appropriately. The pupils’ needs may be associated with their physical or medical disability and a combination of sensory and/or communication difficulties.

For students who may have associated behavioural, social and emotional difficulties alongside their primary need we have developed a Purple Phase.  Students working within the purple phase may work there for a short or long term intervention.  It aims to foster a nurturing approach to teaching and learning alongside developing essential turn taking and cooperative skills.

You can find out more information about our curriculum by browsing the following pages.  Clicking the coloured links on this page will give you more information or you are able to contact a member of staff at school.  Alternatively please see the flip book below:

Curriculum Information for Parents & Carers

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