Early Years education is the essential foundation upon which pupils build the rest of their lives. It is an education that encompasses all learning. The nature of our Pathway system means that pupils in the Early Years, will access either the Blue or Green Pathway curriculum. 

Pupils' progress is assessed against both the EYFS Equals Framework and development and curriculum targets. We also assess progress against EHCP Outcomes. We value contributions of learning from home and encourage parents to send in any ‘WOW’ learning moments that occur at home.  Learning is a partnership between home and school.

There are four areas of learning within the framework.  These areas align with our pathway areas which allow for a natural transition of learning when pupils come to the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


My Communication and Language

My Physical Development

My Personal Social and Emotional Development

My Cognition and Learning & Characteristics of Effective Learning


Click on each of the titles so that you can see an overview of the learning areas that we use to inform progress and development.

These skills maps are designed to support teachers in their day-to-day observations in order to recognise and record some of the key early skills and/ or experiences in each of the Prime areas of learning, as well as the Cognition and Learning and EYFS Characteristics. The statements in each skills map are intended to be used as a guide to focus observations to inform students next steps in learning and develop increasing independence over time.

There are strong links between cognition and learning and the EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning. Developing these firm skills in the early years helps to develop strong levels of engagement as learners move on to other other pathways.


Click the link below to view the full EYFS rationale including the curriculum, assessment, preparing for adulthood and next steps.

EYFS Orange Pathway Rationale