LINC19-25 is a provision specifically suited to meet the needs of young adults with PMLD.  This provision is based at Highfield Ely Academy. LINC19-25 offers specialist therapy services, such as Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy and be able to meet the personal, daily and medical needs of young adults with PMLD.

We have a number of on-site facilities to support the learning and needs of our young adults: 

  • on-site hydrotherapy pool
  • over-head tracking systems in all learning environments
  • dedicated  changing rooms
  • access to specialist services such as Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • sensory garden
  • horticultural area
  • adapted kitchen and flat for lifelong learning activities
  • sports facilities

We will  constantly track the progress of our young adults and offer accredited courses at LINC19-25. The exact program of study is mainly dependent on what has been studied prior to LINC 19-25.  We can offer two accredited ASDAN courses:  ASDAN Towards Independence and ASDAN Personal Progress.

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