Phonics is taught using the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme and the teaching of reading skills are approached in a developmentally incremental way.  This is applicable to learners on the Yellow and Green pathways due to the subject specific nature of teaching.  Students take part in teaching groups according to ability and specific teaching and interventions are put in place in order to facilitate progress in reading.  Due to the individualised nature of our students needs this can very from class to class.  Multi sensory approaches are employed in order to assist the teaching of reading including sight reading knowledge according to the needs of our students.  Online resources such as Phonics Hero and Phonics Play are used as reinforcement teaching tools to embed and consolidate learning.  Our reading books are grouped according to the RWI scheme in order to promote progression in reading skills and ability, this links in with the Read Write Inc programme.  There are numerous opportunities to develop reading skills throughout the curriculum, through library visits and reading to an adult or peer.

By clicking the picture below you can view more information on how phonics is taught through the Read Write Inc scheme.  Click this link to view the sound order and associated rhymes to help your child at home.  Also here is a link to our phonics overview with RWI.




Here at Highfield Littleport we have created a Reading Strategy to identify all reading opportunities for our learners.  This details discrete teaching of reading as well as the cross curricular opportunities that are available to our students.  Please click the link below to view this.


Highfield Littleport Reading Strategy


Click on the link below which will show you a video introduction of the Read Write Inc scheme:

Take a look at the flip book below by clicking the picture for a comprehensive guide about our approach to teaching reading at Highfield Littleport:


You can also view lots of resources and ways to pronounce the phonemes by clicking the link below:



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