Our Health and Safety policy can be found within the policies section of our website.  Please click here to view our policies.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many of our policies and approaches have been amended in order to maintain the health and safety of students, staff and visitors.  These amendments can be found alongside the relevant policies on this website.

In order to make our school Covid Safe please see a summary of the measures we are implementing.  More details can be found in the school risk assessment:

  • School arranged into mega bubbles which do not mix
  • Regular hand washing and sanitising
  • Individual equipment for bubbles
  • Lunches served in classrooms to avoid larger communal mixing
  • Spaced drop off and collection times to maintain social distancing

Please see the link below to view our Covid-19 risk assessment which was reviewed and updated in response to the updated Government guidance at the beginning of March 2021:

Highfield Littleport Academy Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Our dedicated lead responsible for Covid considerations is Simon Bainbridge (Executive Headteacher).


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