Highfield Littleport has set up it's own friends and parents group who work collaboratively with the students and local community to raise valuable funds for the school.

Highfield Littleport have an established fundraising group called Supporters of Highfield Littleport Academy (SOHLA for short).  They are a charitable group who raise funds for things from outdoor play equipment to assistive technology.

We hold our meetings at least every term, sometimes more often when we have a large fundraising event.  We would always welcome new members, ideas and support.


Current Members and Roles

Chairpersons: Anita Thursby, Mandy Darville

Treasurer: Mandy Darville

Secretary: Donna Ladbrook

Co-opted Member: Marie Winterton

Staff link: Paula Farrell (link to School Council)


Speak to a member of school staff or contact ptachair@highfieldlittleport.org if you are interested in joining and supporting us.