It is official, we are an Outstandingly Happy school! We are school number 13 to to receive the 'Happiness' banner!

Andy Cope completed a happiness project with the school and was super impressed we had continued this for a solid year and thanked the staff for supporting the students to implement this. He was thrilled to see what had been done and even more so that its built on continuously. Students have initiated enterprise projects such as staff lunches to get to know the staff and also develop their independence and work based skills.  They set up a 'Toast Time' enterprise each Friday to sell snacks to other students (all healthy of course!).  Every Friday our students spread the happiness engaging with the community.  They visit a local care home to interact with the residents and develop their own skills in interaction and community engagements.  This has been sustained for the last year and continues to get bigger and better.

The students 'wowed' Andy when he visited by remembering specific points such as the ripple effect and that they could explain this further.  Not only have the students spread the happiness at school and in the community they have developed essential skills for life too.