We are proud to be judged as a good school.  The inspection process was thorough and all classes were observed at least twice within the two days the inspectors visited us.  All of our tireless work to develop an individualised, bespoke curriculum to suit our student’s needs was recognised.  We are also proud that the respectfulness and care that is shown between our students and staff was seen at all times of the inspection.  This is something we are very proud of.  The report gives us affirmation that we know our school and its next steps very well.  There were no areas found within the inspection that we are not already working on.  The report did not reflect the overwhelmingly positive comments that were received from parents within the inspection process.  The Lead Inspector was able to share some of these anonymous comments and they were great to hear.  We are very pleased with the outcome for our very first Ofsted inspection.  Take a look at the newsletters and Ofsted page to read a copy of our report.

Thank you for continuing to support our school.