In June and July this year, Ely Radio was privileged to work with some Year 9 students from Highfield Littleport Academy. Colm, one of their Presenters, hosted 6 workshops, teaching the students how to mix music, present and record shows. Colm thoroughly enjoyed the workshops, his words on completion of the workshops were “Thank you to everyone at Ely Radio for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of these workshops”.

Feedback from the school and young people that took part was brilliant. Nicholas, one of the students said his best thing was “Learning to mix songs and how to be a DJ” and Callum said, “Thank you so much I really liked and enjoyed this”.

Acting Chair of Good Vibes Local CIC, Andy Pearson, said “Being able to go out into the community and carry out workshops such as this is rewarding, we could not have done it without the grant from the Community Reach Fund and without the assistance from the wonderful staff at Highfields Littleport Academy and of course our volunteers”.