Students enjoyment of reading and sharing stories hit an all time high last week.

Many of our students came dressed up as their favourite book characters.  There was a very wide variety showing the vast interests of all of our learners.  The staff dressed up too!

Students took part in sensory stories led by Claire who teaches in our Green pathway.  They also completed lots of great activities related to the story which all were very engaged in.

We had some visiting authors to the school too which the students thought was fantastic - they were surprised they wrote a 'real book' in their words. Tia Colcomb came to share her book all about Bumbly Bees which the students were very engaged in.  Gillian McClure author of the Dog on Wheels series of books encapsulated students interests by sharing her book.  Lastly Shaun & Graham Carpenter-Day came to share their book 'My Perfectly Muddled Family'.  The students were very interested about the background to the book and loved how well the messages were portrayed within the story.  Hopefully Shaun and Graham will be able to return to our school to work with our students again as they were hooked!

It was a great day!