At Highfield Littleport Academy we offer a specialised curriculum for students who require additional support with communication, coordination, self-help skills, and cognition. There is a strong emphasis on Preparing for Adulthood and promoting independence.  We use our learning values as a driver for this.  Students are encouraged to work independently and within a team as these skills as those which they need to apply when they leave Highfield and embark on adult life.

Learners work within these areas according to their individual interests, needs and abilities.  There are overarching topics which help to contextualise learning with students interests incorporated into this so that there is a personalised curriculum offer facilitating challenge and development.  A bespoke curriculum framework for each area helps teachers to identify students individual next steps in learning and measure progress.  This is in collaboration with working towards students EHCP targets.

Our Green Pathway has the following areas of learning with specific subjects encompassed within:

My Body: PE, PSHE & RSE.

My Thinking: IT & Computing Skills, Maths, Science & Problem Solving

My Communication:  Speaking,& Listening, Reading, & Writing (English)

My Independence:  Personal Care, Travelling Skills, Food Technology, PSHE & RSE

My World:  Geography, History, RE

My Play: Creativity (Art & Music), Play Skills and Cooperation

Our classes have a high ratio of staff to pupils, enabling a personalised curriculum and assessment system based on the pupils’ EHCP outcomes and a bespoke curriculum framework to identify next steps in learning. This allows for pupils’ individual learning needs to be addressed in the most appropriate way, whilst providing a sense of belonging to a class group and creating a higher level of self esteem.  Throughout our curriculum development we have worked with the students to build learning around their interests to ensure it is relevant to students needs and engage them appropriately.  

Communication is a key skill which we recognise our learners need to develop whatever learning pathway they are on.  The attached documents demonstrates the wide range of opportunities our Green Pathway learners have to develop.  If students require any additional specialist intervention this can be provided by our Communication Teaching Assistant or via referral to our attached speech and language therapist (SALT).

Communication Across the Pathways

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This pathway uses our bespoke curriculum framework in collaboration with each pupils EHCP outcomes to create a meaningful learning scheme for each individual. 

Take a look at the Green pathway curriculum guide here (best viewed full screen):

An outline of the curriculum is show in the links below:

Green Pathway Curriculum Overviews

Green Pathway Key Stage 4 Overviews