On Wednesday 31st May, I had the privilege to have another site visit to the new campus and home to HIghfield Littleport Academy.  I was joined by the Cambridgeshire News team who were reporting on the work so far.

We were all amazed at the progress that has been made; Morgan Sindall and the rest of the team really are doing a fantastic job.  So much had changed since my last visit.  Many classrooms now have flooring laid, lights and emergency alarm and sprinkler systems fitted and there is lots of painting going on.  Furniture units have been built and installed with rooms actually beginning to look like classrooms and Science labs.  Doors are being fitted and everything has such a professional finish.  It was great to see the colour choices by both the students and ourselves being realised.

The hydrotherapy pool has had its first fill in preparation for tiling and kitting out by the specialist contractors in the next few weeks.  We were amused to see that it also has its own resident plastic ducks who went for a swim!  

Behind the scenes work is all progressing well too and as you will see, some content is being added to the website.  Please bear with us though as some information may be incomplete as the website is being built.  The team have also been working hard at developing a curriculum linked in with that of Littleport and East Cambridgeshire Academy to create a relevant, broad curriculum meeting the needs of all of our learners.  I have been formulating policies for the new school, creating a prospectus and conducting pre-admission meetings with parents and carers for our very first students.  We are also recruiting support staff members with vacancies currently being advertised.  The project has made excellent progress so far and we are exctited and eager to get to opening day.