24 May

Sky Arts

We celebrated Sky Arts week a little bit earlier, great exploration of the senses and 2D art.

6 May

We are a GOOD school!

Following our recent Ofsted inspection on 22nd and 23rd March 2022 we are proud to announce that we are officially a good school!

27 Apr

Community & History

Collaborative work in the community learning about history and getting creative!

21 Apr

Opera arrives at HLA!

This morning students in the secondary department experienced an operatic performance. This was specifically tailored for students with additional needs and exposed them to the great musical and sensory experience.

4 Mar

Panathlon Heroes

Students in S5 participated in a Panathlon on Thursday with some excellent results!

3 Mar

World Book Day 25th Anniversary

All about Magic theme for World Book Day 25th Anniversary

22 Feb

National Governance Day

May we introduce our Chair - Lorna Robinson!

18 Feb

Multicultural Day 2022

Students explored lots of different customs, food, language and clothing from around the world.

10 Jan

Molly Dancing

We were learning how to Molly Dance in with our local area topic.

16 Dec

Fenland Art

Art update at HLA.

20 Nov

Highfield Hygge Hotspot Happiness Project Relaunch

Social enterprise, preparing for adulthood and especially...Happiness!

19 Nov

Community Action

Having a positive impact on the community that we live in.